About Us

littleSUNDAY journeyed its way onto the music scene delivering a natural blend of rock music. When describing the
sound of littleSUNDAY, it's no surprise that critics and fans
alike draw from the same fountain of the rock gods themselves:
just think alternative rock with irresistible melodic hooks while
integrating classic rock influences. It's as if Stone Temple
Pilots, Nickelback and Collective Soul were put in a blender
with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. What you get is a
Rock~lectic! Then throw in awe-inspiring live performances; it's

The group has experimented with various kinds of rock genres,
and in the end melded all of their influences into the radio-
friendly alt-rock sound they possess today. It is one that will
easily fit with artists that are popular today, as evidenced by
their recent pairings with comparative acts such as Thornley,
Default, Grady, Suzie McNeil, Edwin, Honeymoon Suite, See
Spot Run, Jonas, and Econoline Crush.
Make no mistake, littleSUNDAY music brings something to the
table for everyone: crunching guitar riffs and a super solid drum
attack for the rock purists, poignant lyrics to draw in the
sentimentalists, and sweet hooks that catch the attention of all
those in between.

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